Eco Tip of the Week: A Guide To a Zero Waste Wardrobe and Secondhand Shopping

When most people update their wardrobe for spring, it usually means making new purchases. For us, refreshing your wardrobe means going through what you already have. It feels so good getting rid of stuff! 

Try donating, selling, or giving away the clothes you don’t want anymore and shop secondhand. We’ve become accustomed to fast-fashion, poorly made synthetic clothing that falls apart, and impulse buying from sales racks. It’s time to shift gears and start thinking about your wardrobe differently.

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Here are some tips on how to detox your wardrobe: 

1: Do a wardrobe inventory

It all begins with turning your closet inside out. It may be a bit daunting but having all your clothes spread out before you is a good way of coming face to face with every item of clothing you own.

2: Declutter

Assess what you don't want, don't wear, or don't really need. Make sure the clothes you want to keep are items that are versatile and easy to transition between occasions. 

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3: Make a list

Mindless and unnecessary purchases can often happen when you go out shopping with no real plan or idea of what you already have in your wardrobe, which is why making a shopping list is crucial.

After clearing out your closet, it’s time to figure out the items you could add and what items you have too much of.

4: Keep it Zero Waste

We've all heard about the extremely polluting nature of the fashion and textiles industry which is second only to oil. Now that you know which clothes you don't need or want, give away, sell or donate your items!

5: Try Shopping Secondhand

Buying secondhand is good for the environment! It keeps unwanted clothing out of landfills and extends the life of perfectly usable items. On top of that, not all secondhand stores are connected to charities, but a whole lot of them are. The way we see it, it's a win-win. 

If you don’t have secondhand shops near you, some awesome online options are Ebay. Bonus Zero Waste Tip: Ask your seller to ship in paper envelopes without plastic. YES, BABY!


Your Secondhand Shopping Kit:

Secondhand shopping can take some time and energy, so be prepared! Here’s what we’d recommend being prepared with:  

Remember, secondhand shopping takes time, dedication and patience. But no matter what, don’t be afraid to walk out empty handed. Just because you’re prepared, doesn’t mean you have to leave with something. One thing that you’ll wear a million times or nothing, is better than five things that you wasted money on and will never wear again.