Eco Tip of the Week: 7 Simple Ways to go Zero Waste at Zero Cost

Remember what we said last time? Baby steps, my friends, is all it takes to make less waste. Here are 7 simple changes that you can start today! Best part is, they don't break your bank!

1. Avoid Plastic Bags

And we don't just mean when you go grocery shopping. Stick some cloth bags in your car, your bag, or store them where you can see them so you don't forget the next time you go out!

2. Just Say NO. 


Though the problem is a big solution is simple. Whenever and wherever you are urged to take plastic simply ‘say NO’ to it and, dude, you will become the saviour of the earth. Bonus tip? Always, and we mean always, bring your own instead. Oh, and #stopsucking!


3. Make a Pass on New Clothing

The day you realise your closet is full of plastic is the day that will change your life. Instead of creating a demand for more clothing production, opt to utilise items that are already in the waste stream. Clothes swaps are a great way to recycle clothing that don't suit you or no longer fit! Time to hit the secondhand stores! Or better yet donate those babies to the people that really need them.

4. Share Your Books

While you're in the spirit of swapping, why not do the same with books? Books can be not only pricey but sometimes they end up accumulating dust in the corner of your room. Remember, we're going for zero waste at zero costs. 

5. Make Your Own

Whether it's coffee, meals, beauty or cleaning products, make your own! You reduce waste, cost and have fun in the process! 

6. Say Goodbye to Paper Towels

An easy swap? Your dish towels can double as reusable napkins or rags to wipe down messes.

7. Skip Plastic Bottles

If you don’t have a reusable water bottle, you can easily use empty watertight jars that are lying around and use that to bring water and other beverages with you.