Eco-Friendly Halloween Ideas

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year! It's that time where our creativity runs wild, allowing us to be anything we want to be, if only for one night! However, amidst the costumes and candy, we've got both hands up for being guilty of over-consuming and creating so much waste during this awesome holiday. But don't worry! Let your creativity take an extra step towards mama earth with these amazing eco-friendly Halloween ideas! 

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When thinking of your Halloween costumes this year, try to repurpose what you already have and make it your own! It's so much more enjoyable, and good for mama earth, to create home-made costumes! 

If you’re really not the most creative of people, you could also always rent a costume instead of buying a new one! Remember, secondhand is good! 

In terms of makeup and face paints, again check what you have left over from last year! If you really need to buy new ones, or you can't make your own, look for organic products. Have a look at #BiodegradableGlitter and shimmering metallic art from Glotatts!



(Image sourced via Pinterest) 

Remember to keep all your old Halloween props so you can reuse them, and perhaps even modify them to give them a brand new look. Alternatively, you can make your own with things you already have at home. Remember, creativity is this year's theme!! 

Bonus tip: Use LED lights! They're eco-friendly lighting that add the perfect effect. 


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Rather than buying those little plastic pumpkin bags from the store, use reusable shopping bags (or even pillow cases) and paint a few decorative pictures onto them – with eco-friendly paint, of course.



(Image from The Source Bulk Foods)

Go for organic rather than pre-packaged treats! If you are buying Halloween candy, and this may be unavoidable, buy these in bulk to save on packaging waste.

You can also add items like coins, small books, and useful, yet fun recyclable items to the bags, and everyone will have such an amazing time discovering what’s inside.