Conscious Christmas: Gifting

Christmas is a wonderful time to become more conscious and to start to implement awareness and change around how much waste we generally produce around the festive season.

Did you know that the average Australian household throws out 175 tonnes of EXTRA waste at Christmas, we discard 30% more food and spend 60% more of our income on Christmas gifts, food and decorations? Scary stuff!  


The great news is, it doesn’t need to be this way for you. With a little effort and imagination. We can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season so we can get to what truly matters – spending quality time with the ones we love.

So whether you're an eco-warrior, or are just starting out your sustainable journey, here are some tips and tricks to help you get one step closer to an eco-friendly Christmas.


Sustainable Wrapping Guide:

Need a few tips and tricks for how you can wrap presents plastic free this Christmas? At Seed & Sprout we are offering our eco-friendly gift wrapping, but at home you could do these things:

1. Recycled paper is your friend.

There are things that look way cooler than normal wrapping paper and that are much better for the environment. Gather old newspapers, magazines, old calendars, maps, or even an old drawing!



2. Upcycle old fabric or clothing!

If you have some fabric or old clothing that you’d like to upcycle to use for gift wrapping, cut it up into a size that works for you. You can use old scarves, t-shirts, or even an old table cloth. For extra effect, try painting or dyeing the fabric with natural dyes.

Have you heard of Furoshiki? Furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods.

Here is a simple tutorial by the Netflix goddess of organisation, Marie Kondo.

3. Make reusable gift bags.

Also using any old fabric you have at home, make a bag to put your gift in. Not only do they cut down completely on waste, but they act as a gift itself as the recipient keeps it to use for gift giving in the future, or they can use is as a bag for other items.

4. Add a touch of nature.

Try attaching sprigs of rosemary, thyme, or whatever you may be growing at home. You can also go foraging for pinecones or pine needles! Tie these natural decorations with twine or a wooden clothespin.


5. Get creative AND resourceful.

There is no limit with the look of your gifts just because you care about the planet. Try glass jars or tins for smaller items. If you have any old boxes, baskets, or plastic-free containers, you can use those too! It could even be as simple a no wrapping at all!



Are you still struggling to wrap your presents in a way that doesn't cost the earth? Let us do it for you!

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping by Seed & Sprout - all proceeds will be donated to WIRES bushfire relief.

We'll lovingly wrap your parcel in textured eco-friendly kraft paper-based material and tie it all up with a black raffia bow.

This is a fab option for your interstate friends and rellies. We'll even hand write your message for you onto a gorgeous kraft paper star card!

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All proceeds from our gift wrapping service will be donated to WIRES to support animals injured in the NSW bushfires.



Sustainable Gift Ideas:

 1. Make something.

Homemade presents are often more personal, better for the environment and not likely to go to waste. Cookies? Yum! Paintings? Beautiful! Hats? Cozy & warm! Get creative. 


2. Gifts that give back. 

Find something that gives to more than one person. Find a charity, organisation, or company that resonates with you and the recipient. If you still want to give something physical, some companies even sell small tokens or cards that explain the donation that you've made and the charity you've helped. 

3. Get them experiences.

Get them an experience they will remember! An overnight stay in a cool Airbnb, tickets to an event, concert or fun day out with you or even a lesson in guitar, pottery, cooking etc. No gift wrapping needed! 



4. Handmade gift vouchers.

If you're love language is acts of service, this one is for you! Create special gift vouchers for babysitting, massages, cleaning, or gardening that your loved ones can redeem from you whenever they want to. 

5. Shop eco.

If you must buy, make sure they are useful as much as they are thoughtful! Take a peek & browse through our NEW Conscious Christmas Collection. We’ve also got an exciting range of new products coming soon. Stay tuned!


If these tips and tricks have helped you, help us spread awareness by sharing it with someone you care about. Do you have your own ways to reduce waste this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you!