Take a Look Inside Our First Ever Clothes Swap Event!

Last week Seed & Sprout threw our first ever clothes swap in sunny Byron Bay. Come take a look inside the event! 

The day has arrived of our first ever clothes swap. The sun was shining, not a cloud in sight and it honestly felt like Spring.

Setting Up

I must admit there was a brief moment where I thought no one would show up. It’s always that nerve wracking feeling before you hold an event! 

I’ve never been to a clothes swap let alone helped co-ordinate one. As our attendees slowly trickled in and filled up the beautiful space that is Future Dreamers, all my nerves flew away. 

We set up our space with lots of clothes racks and 5 items we wanted to swap (plus some extras for when we opened for a public market afterwards). Not everyone had a rack so we squished in and shared a rack, and began to introduce ourselves to one another!


Staying Hydrated

Seed & Sprout had a little pop up stall with some of our favourite products, refreshments and a snack platter.

We were lucky enough to have some beautiful drinks provided for our swappers. A lightly sparkling Rose Water with positively charged rose quartz immersion from Osun Sparkling, and an amazing botanical non-alcoholic gin & tonic from Humble Distillery

People were particularly blown away by the gin & tonic, and being pregnant I am 100% all for non-alcoholic beverages that might resemble the alcoholic beverages I previously enjoyed what seems a lifetime ago.

let the swapping begin!

Bec started the countdown and at 11AM we were off, walking around to each other’s stalls and trying to negotiate a swap.
It wasn’t long before the first swap went down and honestly it felt like the clock had struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, who knew that two strangers swapping clothes could make me so excited? 

Friends that came together offered up their own clothes so their other friend could swap for something they loved, people were giving away clothes unconditionally- it was really loving and warm.

The Haul

I think that everyone who attended walked away with at least one thing, some left with all five things swapped! 

I was happy to have brought home a velvet jacket, a pair of Spell shorts which I had always loved (and hope that I’ll be able to fit into one day) and a 90s style dress that I could just squeeze into.



Our first ever clothes swap huge a HUGE success.
We learnt a lot along the way and can’t wait to do it again. We wish that everyone in our online community could have attended but alas, we’re in Byron Bay (not complaining about that though).

We’d love to encourage you to host your own clothes swap, either in person or online, and start shopping sustainably! :)
Keep an eye out for our downloadable guide on throwing your own clothes swap!