20 Tips for a Plastic Free July

Yes! Yes! Triple yes! It’s almost Plastic Free July and there is no better time to start (or strengthen) your plastic free journey than July!

What started in Western Australia in 2011, is now a worldwide challenge with millions of participants in over 170 countries! It’s a challenge of going without single-use plastic items (no plastic products!) for a whole month in the hopes to help form more sustainable habits beyond just July.

Don’t worry! It’s okay to take it slow! The curation of a beautiful life is a continual pursuit. Let’s always find the joy in this pursuit and find meaning in our smallest actions. Start with what you can manage to change in your daily routine and grow your awareness as you go. You’ll realise that even the little things, like refusing a few plastic bags, can have such a considerable life impact. We’re all on a journey and big changes take time.

To help you out, here are some effective ways to get you through the month.



Tip 1.

Use a Travel Mug or make and take your own tea and coffee in an insulated flask.

Insulated Drink Flask

Tip 2.

Prep for your smoothies by chopping and freezing fresh fruit rather than buying frozen fruit from the supermarket. Our silicone pouches are great for this!

Silicone Fresh Food Pouch

Tip 3.

Drink your morning smoothie with a reusable straw and in cute thrifted jars.

Eco Straws

Tip 4.

Make your own muesli for breakfast. There is hidden plastic inside cereal boxes!

Leak-Proof Eco Food Jars 

Tip 5.

Take your own Bread Bag to the bakery.

Organic Cotton Bread Bag 


Tip 6.

Take a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go.

Mid-Size Drink Bottle

Tip 7.

Take your own lunch to work.


Tip 8.

Eat in at cafes & restaurants so no takeaway containers are needed.

Tip 9.

But have your own container ready, in case you do need to take food home, or want takeaway.



Tip 10.

Skip the chips and bulk buy nuts and keep them in jars on your desk.

Pantry Jars

Tip 11.

Always keep a full fruit bowl at home and at your workplace.

Tip 12.

Take your own healthy snacks to work such as hummus and vegetables.



Tip 13.

Take reusable shopping bags. Keep a set in your car so you never forget them!

 Pocket Tote Shopping Bag

Tip 14.

Take your own mesh produce bags to the shops so you don't have to use the plastic ones provided.

Mesh Produce Bag Set

Tip 15.

Buy in bulk.

Small Silicone Fresh Food Pouch

Tip 16.

Shop at Farmer’s Markets.

 Mixed Mesh Tote


Tip 17.

Roast on our clear food wraps or heat proof dishes instead of baking paper.

Tip 18.

Ditch the clingwrap and use stretch lids & food huggers.

Food Savers

Tip 19.

Treat yourself to an ice cream cone instead of in a takeaway cup.

Tip 20.

Use bamboo eco brushes to wash dishes.

Eco Brush Set


Good luck!